Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rockstar Fuck

I've redesigned the cover of my first book, Rockstar Fuck. Here's an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

He said, “No one is allowed to go through here unless they have a pass, miss.” The front of his pants started to stir. That was my way in.

“I’ve got my own sort of pass,” I said, moving in even closer. I reached down between his legs, and stroked his cock through his jeans. Yep, he was hard. I’m pretty sure he was a breast man, with the way his eyes were glued to my tits.

I pressed my boobs up against his chest. “If I do something nice for you, will you help me out?” He stammered and blushed, “I-I’m not supposed to...”

“I won’t get you into trouble,” I said sweetly. I continued to stroke his cock through his pants, rubbing my boobs against him. This was fun, and it was turning me on.